Residential Intensive EMDR Cork

Residential Intensive EMDR Program
for fast access to stabilisation, resourcing and wellness

A new development within the field of trauma therapy has been developed to enable clients who have longer term distress due to traumatic life events to move onto a continuum of positive change and put the past into the past in relation to old and distressful events and memories.

The program involves a combination of intensive therapy over a three day period and also includes physical activation through walking, yoga, mindfulness, swimming and other activates to assist right – left brain activity.

Clients have the added advantage of being able to focus fully on themselves over this period without the distraction of everyday life such as work, family and environmental triggers.

A typical day starts from 8am and throughout the day client moves from intensive therapeutic support through to more relaxing and regulating activities such as described above. Clients are also supported through consultations in relation to overall physical wellness such as diet, exercise, sleep and energy levels.  Clients begin the process of gaining entry
with a number of non-residential consultations to prepare them for the residential program.

Normally as few as three sessions of 60-90 minutes is sufficient to complete assessment, history taking, targeting and stabilisation and resourcing work to be completed. This equips client to be able to attend the residential part of the program and focus on processing the traumatic memories to enable them to desensitise their bodies from the traumatic events, and to install and develop their adaptive information processing abilities and put the past into the past while being more able to hold and enjoy being in the present and rebuilding their true sense of themselves.

There are two follow-up procedures to this work available for clients.
Firstly there is a weekly check-in by client to evaluate their weekly events such as activity, energy levels, sleep levels and overall wellbeing. There is also access to check -in if required to therapeutic conversation following the intensive program. Finally clients are encouraged to participate in follow-up re-evaluation six weeks after the residential program.